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Changing the Game of Workforce Wellness

Cloud 9 Fitness Solutions, LLC offers a variety of health and wellness solutions for our corporate and business working partners.  Our unique approach uses measurable data to validate the success of our program and the return for both the employee and employer.

We have two missions. One, make people better. Two, make better people. We are changing the game.

Our approach to wellness is unlike any program available.  Our cost effective approach yields higher engagement with some of the most experienced wellness and fitness coaches available. We pride ourselves in guiding people towards a fitter, healthier life.  C9FS is stubbornly scientific and utilizes an observable, measurable, and repeatable approach to collect data to validate the true quality and effectiveness of our program.

Sitting a desk is arguably the most dangerous occupation on the planet.  People are meant to move efficiently and often.  Our mission is to get people back to a higher standard of movement and health.  C9FS specializes in creating fitness facilities with a focus in constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a high intensity.  Our sister company, Cloud 9 CrossFit, has conducted over 30,000 training hours and is among the largest and most successful affiliates in the area.  By replicating this model at corporate institutions, we plan on changing lives and creating a happier, more engaging workplace.

C9FS is committed to doing whatever it takes to help every individual make overall lifestyle improvements. We offer on-site visits and will happily present our approach towards optimal wellness. We believe that knowledge is the gateway towards change. Not only is health and wellness important to individuals, but it is also a mutual benefit to offer as an employer. C9FS offers customizable programs tailored to fit the wants and needs of its clients.

10 Week Trial Program

Our 10 Week Trial Program is a way for businesses to test the program without commitment. We take a small group of volunteers from an employer and gather as much data as possible using our functional fitness regimen. With that data, we can help gauge a Return On Investment for employers and design custom programs for companies. The 10 weeks is designed to engage members and get them excited about their fitness journey and guide businesses and institutions towards a healthier future.


For more information about our 10 week trial program, please watch the featured video or contact us directly or call 908-763-0998

Client Results

Some results from happy clients following our 10 week program.


29 year old Chiropractor

12lbs total weight loss


22 year old Shipping Assistant

2% loss in body fat


39 year old Police Officer

20lbs total weight loss

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